Through lectures, master classes, training courses and books, thousands of people from all kinds of areas of work, both in The Netherlands and beyond, have gotten to know about our unique vision of diversity, inclusion, and forms and changes in (organizational) culture. We are proud of this group of diverse alumni who speak in a common language about organizations, leadership, decision-making, diversity and inclusion – using the terms tribes, chiefs, Deep Democracy, Harry, campfires, power & love, rhythms, jamsessions, totems, rituals and magic.

Human Dimensions


Jitske Kramer is the driving force behind HumanDimensions. She set up HumanDimensions to share her fascination, passion and curiosity with a larger group and to develop those qualities further. Together with a solid fixed core and many occasional partners, HumanDimensions undertakes to activate organizations and activities to make them irresistible to all their employees, clients, suppliers and the world. In the way that they want. Every day, we look for better ways to work, live and be together.


Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Facilitator. Founder of HumanDimensions. Author of Managing Cultural Dynamics, Deep Democracy, Wow! What a Difference, and co-author of The Corporate Tribe (2016 Management Book of the Year). Jitske Kramer travels the world, looking for ways to build strong tribes and reinforce the relationships between people. And then she brings that knowledge back to the world of organizing, cooperation and leadership through challenging keynotes and master classes. To improve the strength and results of individuals and groups (and to make the world a more beautiful place). In 2013 Jitske was chosen as Trainer of the Year. Jitske is a much sought-after speaker in the Netherlands and abroad. Working language: Dutch and English.

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Roos Prins is our human connector, the backbone of HumanDimensions. Questions? Roos knows. You can go to Roos with all your questions about our activities or to make an appointment. Roos manages the schedules, provides information, arranges bookings for keynote speeches and master classes and manages the registrations for our training courses and academic courses. Roos has a background in business service provisions and is completely trained in all of our methods. She is trained as a Deep Democracy facilitator and is familiar with the ins and outs of corporate anthropology.



Chulah Berkowitz is linked to HumanDimensions as a creative connector. Chulah is a cultural anthropologist and uses the anthropological perspective as an instrument for communication. Together with Jitske, she provides the content for all the social media channels, maintains the website and does all the editing for HumanDimensions. Chulah is fan of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and believes that ‘real’ communication comes from the heart. From the why. Everyone who works in an organization has a ‘why’, has a story. Chulah has a background in the charity sector; diversity and the minority voice have run as a leading theme throughout her career. Chulah works from her own organization Chulah Communiceert.



Frank Weijers is associated with HumanDimensions as a Deep Democracy instructor and facilitator. Frank is a processes expert, trained in intervention skills and in transactional analysis (TA), systemic working, Deep Democracy and corporate anthropology. He has worked for a number of educational institutions as an interim director/principal and has led various international projects, including projects in the Philippines and in Hungary. He lived on Curaçao for four years where he founded the Vespucci College, a new school. He was a trainer in leadership development and group dynamics at the Dutch School of Educational Management (Nederlandse School voor Onderwijsmanagement NSO), which is associated with the University of Amsterdam.


Frank works a lot with managers and their teams in educational institutions and other organizations, where he disrupts and then clarifies in a friendly manner. Author of the books ‘Spelen met ruimte’ (Playing with space), ‘Ruimte’ (Space) and ‘Now we’re talkin’, columnist for the ‘Van 12-18’ (Age 12 – 18) magazine and writer of many articles on the themes he works on: leadership, group dynamics, diversity, the power of language and culture in organizations. This makes Frank a much sought-after trainer and speaker and he works freelance from his own company and based on his own philosophy, ‘playing with space’.



Minka Jongkind is associated with HumanDimensions as a Deep Democracy instructor and facilitator. She is a team coach, trainer and mediator. Originally she was educated as a psychologist and drama teacher. From quite an early stage in her career, she slipped into the profession of trainer. In the role of trainer/coach, developer, consultant and manager, she has worked for various well-known training agencies. With her constant desire for development, she trained further in Voice Dialogue, Haptonomy, Insights Discovery, Deep Democracy, Mediation and Systemic working.


Her fascination for dilemma and conflict has formed a constant theme in her career. From a place of curiosity and with an open mind, she questions the obvious and creates a channel for the conversations that haven’t taken place. She has worked as a freelance entrepreneur in her company MetMinka since 2014. She specializes in working with teams and in doing so also trains team coaches and managers to be a Secure Base Team Coach. Her client network is large and diverse. She trains and guides the autonomous teams within the Council for Child Protection (Raad voor de Kinderbescherming), coaches operational and management teams for Heineken and she trained the entire management of the Pergamijn care center in Secure Base Leadership.



Corporate anthropologist, consultant, speaker, entrepreneur and storyteller. Specializes in organization culture, cultural change and sustainability. Walter was educated as an anthropologist, and his exotic roots lie in Greenland. There, he did research on the social impact of climate change. He is a lecturer for the Cultural Anthropology master’s program: Sustainable Citizenship (at Utrecht University). Walter has extensive experience in conducting ethnographic research in corporate and public environments, supervising complex cultural changes and mergers, management coaching, market research, and facilitating tense stakeholder dialogues in or between organizations.


Walter regularly speaks about organization culture, corporate anthropology and sustainability. He is unrelentingly curious, and has yet to figure out exactly why people do what they do. Likes to visit exotic destinations like Greenland, Svalbard, Mongolia or Iraq. From his company Green Culture Lab, he helps companies and organizations anchor sustainability in their fiber, their arteries, their DNA. Because sustainability is a cultural issue. Building cultures of sustainability.



Christien Oudshoorn is associated with HumanDimensions as a Deep Democracy instructor, trainer and expert in the area of diversity and inclusion. She gives lectures and training and supervises groups. A central theme in that is how we as people deal with differences and the best way to utilize diversity in a team or organization. After working in Latin America for six years, she has worked as a freelance trainer/coach/consultant in the Netherlands since 2017.


She is fascinated by what drives people. At an individual level, but particularly as a group. In the Netherlands and Canada, she supervised large-scale programs in multicultural leadership and integration. With her foundation Che Amigo, she then worked in Latin America for six years. She provided conflict training there in heavily guarded prisons in Argentina and Bolivia, project management training for youth leaders in the slums of Peru and several training programs on leadership and negotiation with indigenous leaders in Suriname.



Mireille Ollivieira is a Deep Democracy instructor and facilitator at Human Dimensions. She is a leadership trainer, facilitator and coach. Mireille worked for 15 years as a strategic communication advisor and spokesperson for the municipality. She was born in Paramaribo and represents a minority in many academic settings when it comes to color. She regularly adds an unusual perspective: that of the black, Caribbean woman in the Netherlands, formed in a protected, green environment, rich in nationalities and social layers: the Bijlmer.


Mireille is trained as a communication scientist at the University of Amsterdam. She studied various methods that portray the entire picture or system, such as coaching, systemic working and Factor C, a method for communication in policy. And of course, Deep Democracy, in which she was trained by Yonathan Keren and Frank Weijers. "Deep Democracy brings everything together that I have ever learned! To appreciate the minority voice like any other voice. So important to work together and tap into the potential of the group. It is addictive to work this way. "


About us

HumanDimensions looks at companies and organizations through the eyes of an anthropologist. We look at how people shape cultures, and how cultures shape people. We travel the world looking for ways to build strong tribes, that are diversity-friendly and ready for change. And we bring our findings to the world of organization and cooperation through our excellent keynote speeches, master classes and training courses. Deep Democracy. Inclusion. Diversity. Organizational culture. Leadership.

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